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Golden 3D Laser Treatment

Golden Laser Treatment

What is it?

Our Golden Laser Treatment uses a three-dimensional process that uniquely stimulates collagen from within your own skin cells. The skin will appear lifted, smoother and tighter with fewer lines and wrinkles while providing an immediate radiance to the surface.

How does it interact with skin?

This treatment tells your fibroblast cells to stimulate and create new collagen. This is crucial as we age because we stop producing natural collagen, resulting in laxity and fine lines. The Golden laser treatment is able to reverse these signs of aging for a beautiful, natural improvement. The laser treatment is painless for most people and the applicator can be adjusted to reduce any discomfort.

What’s the downtime?

Depending on how aggressive the treatment is, patients could have 24h of downtime up to 5 days. This includes redness, swelling and skin shedding.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend doing a series of 3-4 spaced a month apart in order for the results to become cumulative and last longer. Each patient’s desired outcome will affect how many treatments they need.

Treatment Cost


 per session.





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