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Deep Fractionated Resurfacing Laser Treatment

Deep Fractionated Resurfacing Laser Treatment

What is it?

Deep Fractionated Resurfacing Laser Treatment is an ablative laser used to resurface and improve the appearance of the skin by addressing various skin concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars, ice pick scars, and uneven skin texture and tone. This type of laser treatment is considered a more aggressive and deep-penetrating option compared to other laser treatments.

How does it interact with skin?

This treatment penetrates more deeply into the skin compared to superficial or moderate resurfacing treatments. This depth allows it to target multiple layers of skin and stimulate collagen production while vaporizing the tissue.

What’s the downtime?

You can expect redness, swelling, potential bleeding, and peeling of the skin in the days following the procedure. Typically 5-7 days of downtime is usual for this treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired results, depending on the extent of the skin issues being addressed.

Treatment Cost


per treatment.





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